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An Exploration of Decision-Making
Regarding Jewish Educational Experiences
Among Intermarried Parents of School-Age Children

This study aimed to obtain a better understanding of the factors and dynamics which predispose some intermarried families to connect to Jewish life.

Specifically, it examined how intermarried couples in Cleveland decide within which religious tradition, if any, to raise their children and what types of Jewish educational experiences to provide for them. Another goal of the research was to identify programs and experiences which are regarded as "user friendly" by intermarried families. Our ultimate goal was to suggest ways to create more opportunities for intermarried families to experience Jewish life in Cleveland.

The recommendations focus on the following four key areas:

  • Connecting intermarried families to Jewish community and to community building experiences
  • Designing and providing targeted educational experiences for intermarried families
  • Providing support for transitional experiences and for life cycle events
  • Improving overall access to Jewish life in Cleveland

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