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The Jewish Community Study
of Greater Baltimore, 2009-2010

This project, currently underway, is the most ambitious Jewish community study ever undertaken in the United States. The approach that UAI pioneered in 1998-1999 in partnership with THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore is the platform for the 2009-2010 Study.

Rather than a one-time community survey, we are developing a Community "R&D" (Research and Development) Process -- using analysis of facts, issues, problems, and opportunities to highlight and implement community solutions. In the R&D model, the community study is linked to planning which is linked to action in an integrated process. Using the 1999-2000 study, THE ASSOCIATED completely reshaped its planning and allocations function via strategic visioning -- focusing the Federation's resources and energy on achieving visible and dramatic community improvement in three areas: youth, seniors at risk of isolation and under- engaged families with young children.

The 2009-2010 Community Study will include not only a random telephone survey, but will also draw on administrative data as well as special studies to measure the scope of community problems and concerns and to assess the outcomes associated with the community's strategic initiatives.

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