UAI Projects

UAI has helped communities, institutions and agencies do a better job of engaging Jewish adults and children in being Jewish (their way), in Judaism, and in the Jewish community through policy research, planning and management projects.

  • Developing Jewish Educators: A Strategic Plan for Yeshiva University
  • Insuring our Future: A Report on Jewish Education in Chicago
  • Guide for Community Outreach Programs
  • Plan for Lead Communities: Council for Initiatives in Jewish Education
  • Evaluation of Jewish Continuity Programs: Cleveland Commission on Jewish Continuity
  • Towards the 21st Century:
        A Recommended Strategic Plan for the Baltimore Hebrew University
  • Campus and Community: Strengthening the Identity of Jewish College Students
  • The Jewish Cultural Integration of Jews from the FSU into the Jewish people:
        Israel and the United States
  • First Fruits: An Assessment of Year One of New York's Jewish Continuity Grant Program
  • Second Steps: An Assessment of Year Two of the Jewish Continuity Grants Initiative
  • Jewish Preschools as Gateway to Jewish Life: A Survey of Jewish Preschool Parents
  • An Evaluation of JDS-21: Jewish Day Schools for the 21st Century
  • An Exploration of Decision-Making Regarding Jewish Education of Interfaith Families
  • Young Jewish Adults in the United States Today
  • From Service to Leadership:
        A Draft Strategic Management Plan for the NY Board of Education
  • An Evaluation of the Legacy Heritage Foundation's Synagogue Innovation Project
  • For more information about this Area of Expertise, or other UAI Projects, contact us

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