UAI Projects

UAI has been responsible for the many studies of large, complex Jewish communities, as well as medium size and smaller communities. In our most recent studies, we have been the first to adjust population estimates to take account of young adults accessible only by cell phone.

We have pioneered in a number of areas:

  1. Constructing policy-relevant questionnaires
  2. Developing more efficient methods of sampling weighting & estimation
  3. Training local staffs in data utilization

UAI's Jewish Community Studies since the mid-nineties include:

  • Jewish Population Study of Delaware, 1995
  • Jewish Population Study of Atlanta, 1996
  • 1997 Greater Denver/Boulder Jewish Community Study
  • 1996/1997 Jewish Population Study of Greater Philadelphia
  • 1998 Jewish Community Study of the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs)
  • Jewish Community Study of Greater Baltimore, 2000
  • Jewish Community Study of Howard County, 2000
  • Jewish Community Study of New York, 2001
  • Jewish Community Study of Greater Pittsburgh (2002)
  • 2002 Greater Phoenix Jewish Community Study
  • Demographic Study of the San Diego Jewish Population: 2003
  • Jewish Community Study of North Metro Atlanta: 2004
  • 2006 Centennial Jewish Community Study of Greater Atlanta
  • The 2007 Metro Denver/Boulder Community Study
  • The 2008 Cincinnati Jewish Community Study

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