UAI Projects

UAI has helped local government, communities, and individual agencies become more responsive to the needs of clients, as well as become more effective and efficient in the use of limited resources.

Educational Alliance Strategic Plan
The Educational Alliance on New York City's Lower East Side is one of New York's oldest and most distinguished settlement houses. It has played a critical role in the acculturation of Jews and non-Jews, and mounted an extra-ordinary array of high-quality programs and services to a diverse population. Yet, increasingly it found itself unable to move forward in the face of deeply rooted dilemmas related to its future directions - a neighborhood vs. citywide focus; an emphasis on serving the poor vs. serving the entire community; Jewish vs. non-sectarian character. A highly integrated partnership of UAI consultants, board and professional leadership analyzed facts and clarified policy choices to chart a plan that the Executive Director has described as "transformative."

Strategic Plan for Services to Older People
Working with the Federation and a major healthcare foundation, UAI galvanized the leadership of six Pittsburgh agencies to rethink the way they work together to better serve older people. The "Ukeles Plan" provided a blueprint resulting in a dramatic improvement of the full range of services from nursing home to community-based outreach.

Child Welfare Management Studies
In a series of projects, UAI addressed complex and critical issues in New York City's child care system, ranging from recommendations for streamlining the foster care placement process to strategies for implementing a settlement of the most contentious and difficult court case related to child welfare in New York City's history.

Other Human Service Projects:

  • Jack Ukeles facilitated a Board-senior staff retreat to identify strategic directions for a small, high-quality family and children's agency in the New York area. The retreat helped to re-focus organizational vision and mission; identify program directions, and provide the basis for financial stability and broadening the base of support and leadership.
  • Jack Ukeles developed and facilitated a conference, "From Crisis to Comfort: Creating An Integrated Network of Care Management for an Aging Jewish Community, for the Association of Jewish Aging Services of North America.
  • Jack facilitated a senior staff retreat for NY UJA-Federation's Caring Commission.
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